When customers visit your online business website, their experience will determine whether they will return or not. If your website has simple navigation, an appealing display, a legible font and users can complete transactions without any challenge, why would they not come back?

User experience (UX) is essential since it is how customers interact with your brand. A good ux and design makes the information on your website make sense to the customers. This enhances your customers’ brand loyalty. Below are some of the ways you can improve user experience and create brand impact for your online business.

Optimise Page Speed

Customers expect to have information instantaneously. They will leave if the page takes long to load. To improve your page speed, optimise images and files to reduce the page load time. Also, remove unnecessary code to optimise your code by using files.

Use Imagery Effectively

To improve your site UX, you need to use your imagery effectively. Your images should reflect your text since human brains process visuals faster than texts. Your images and graphics focal points should enhance the messages being conveyed. Also, do not use the same image to convey different messages. However, not all pages need imagery because, in some pages, they could be distracting.

Use Responsive Design

Many devices connect to the internet. You should make sure your site can be accessed using all devices. Your UX design should be able to adjust your content to the size of the screen of the device the user is using. The are many open-source tools that you can use to make sure your website is optimised with a responsive design.

This article has given you some of the ways you can improve your online business UX. You can consider them next time you are working on your online business website.