A great many businesses now make their presence known online, even if they are predominantly running a bricks and mortar establishment. That is not to mention the vast array of companies that only do business this way. No matter which type of business is being operated, for the online presence, success is going to have a significant dependency on four key components.


The first thing a consumer is going to see when they visit a site is the design. This is going to help to create that first important impression. The design will help to set the tone, which will immediately inform the visitor as to what they can expect to see, from this online business they are reviewing.


Graphics help to paint the visual picture as to what the business is about. The cliché that a picture speaks a thousand words is somewhat true when it comes to an online business presence. However, to have the right impact, the images must be pertinent to the brand of the business. They must also fit in properly with the design.

Public Relations

Public relations can be considered to be the freebie that your business is giving away. It is outside of the marketing and advertising portfolio. The art of public relations is the provision of important information that you want to spread to as many people as possible. Not just for potential clients, but also throughout your network of contacts. The skills to develop this can be a little difficult, but there are great resources that can be used for help with this, such as the use of forums, where others can share their experiences and suggestions.


Having a strictly online business does come with some great advantages, but it doesn’t mean that off-site efforts for the business should be neglected. Online businesses can be very successful, if they from time to time, run on land events, in addition to those that they promote online.

The approach for on land events means paying attention to a lot of small details.

For off-site events, looking after details using resources like weather reports can play a significant role in how to prepare for the event, or to plan for a rain date.

These are four components of a successful business that each has their own level of importance, but at the same time can be intermingled, so they support one another. They can all work together to promote the brand of the business and scale up the company at the same time. The success of using these four components is going to come down to the way they are developed and executed, and for this reason, it is essential to rely on experts familiar with these.